Leo C2X Coastal Double

coastal rowing nederland

Coastal Rowing double, C2X, is a self-bailing boat that gives a great speed and boat feeling. 

C2X is designed to optimize speed through the waves and with significant surfing performance with the waves/following sea. We have taken the best out from the great success of Single C1X and put it into the design development of C2X. Great surfing capability, which enables high speed and lot of fun when surf rowing with waves.
Strong against head wind and stable which enables constant movement and keeping up the speed. Excellent manoeuvre ability, quick turning at buoys when in coastal competition and also fold able aluminium riggers for less width of boat at storage in boat house and transportation.
Built to withstand tough waves in the sea but also excellent for rowing in the archipelago or lake. The design language, body lines and the unique color scheme is designed to produce as clean and stylish design as possible. Boat suits and very safe for recreational rowers, are loved by former top rowers and the top rower athletes. Designed and developed in Sweden – for Coastal Rowers by Coastal Rowers. Layout and design by Mats Leo & Johan Wirsén.

About the boat

  • Conforms with FISA Coastal Rowing Regulations
  • Length: 7.5 m
  • Beam: 1.0 m
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Foldable aluminium rigs
  • Also available in Carbon (weight 54-55 kg)

Material technology: Vacuum infusion, Soric, vertical PU reinforcement. Brackets for safety rope, 15 m in the bow and stern.

Leo C1X and C2X, Carbon fiber versions

With the Leo C1X boat made in Carbon fiber you get a boat which provide less weight and increased stiffness for more responsive and powerful strokes.
Weight: 29-30 kg, delivered with sandbags for reaching FISA classified weight of 35 kg when racing.
Customers during 2019 praised the Carbon version, it’s highly appreciated.
You will feel the difference when pulling hard and see the speed increasing. Less effort on long distance rowing as the boat ”just ” flows away” , a wonderful feeling.
Carbonfiber version are made with Vacuum infusion technique:

Soric ® , 100 % Carbon/vinylester Epoxy.

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coastal rowing nederland
coastal rowing nederland