Leo C1X Coastal Single

coastal rowing nederland

Leo C1X is a coastal rowing boat which has a wondeful boat feeling, rowing ergonomics in all type of water conditions in the sea or lake. 

C1X is designed to optimize speed through the waves and with significant surfing performance with the waves/ following sea. Conforms with FISA standard e.g. self self-bailing. The Leo boats are recognized world wide by the great speed & safety feeling with easy manoeuvring compared with all other coastal boats.
C1X is built to withstand tough waves in the sea but also excellent for rowing in the archipelago or lake. The design language, body lines and the unique colour scheme is designed to produce as clean and stylish design as possible and with high freedom of choice of colour for customer.
All Leo boats are made in, Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). VIP is a technique which are environmental and worker friendly process with no emissions as it’s a closed process.
Designed and developed in Sweden – for Coastal Rowers by Coastal Rowers. Layout and design by Johan Wirsén and Mats Leo.

With the new facelift both deck and hull are made in Vacuum infusion with impregnated Soric® is an excellent bonded honeycomb structured core that offers weight reduction and cost efficient stiffness deck design of the Leo C1X.

About the boat

  • Conforms with FISA Coastal Rowing Regulations
  • Length: 5.84 m
  • Beam: 0.75 m
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Brackets for safety rope, 15 m, in the bow
  • Equipped with a waterproof compartment for valuables
  • Bungees for storing, life jacket, clothes and water bottle

Leo C1X and C2X, Carbon fiber versions

With the Leo C1X boat made in Carbon fiber you get a boat which provide less weight and increased stiffness for more responsive and powerful strokes.
Weight: 29-30 kg, delivered with sandbags for reaching FISA classified weight of 35 kg when racing.
Customers during 2019 praised the Carbon version, it’s highly appreciated.
You will feel the difference when pulling hard and see the speed increasing. Less effort on long distance rowing as the boat ”just ” flows away”, a wonderful feeling.
Carbonfiber version are made with Vacuum infusion technique:

Soric ® , 100 % Carbon/vinylester Epoxy.

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coastal rowing nederland
coastal rowing nederland